Soccer in French camp: a successful second edition!

The second edition of the Soccer en Français camp ended November 24th. After seven weeks of futsal-oriented practices, the youth of Edmonton and surrounding areas improved their technique and passion for soccer, all in French.

soccer en français Fall 2018

Soccer en français Fall 2018 – 6-8 Category with their parents.

And what if the number of Francophone players were to reach 50% in national soccer selections? Or even better, that French was the main language of a Canadian match? A dream, perhaps. The popularity of Soccer en Français camps gives a glimpse of beautiful things for the future.

Warm-ups, energizing games, passionate coaches, and smiles on everyone’s lips. This was the weekly routine every Saturday. The rhythmic whistles of the four coaches Giscard, Mohamed, Alejandro, and Jean-Philippe alias “Coach JP” resonated through the gym throughout the session. As the sessions progress, the young champions, aged 4 to 8 years, showed their technique, enjoyment for the game, and sportsmanship.

Photoshoots, snacks, and coffee!

The participants finished the season with a team photo with their coaches, a “very young” tradition of the camp. A moment to engage the children as well as their parents, all were invited to strike a pose together.

In celebration of National Francophone Immigration Week on November 10, as well as the final day of practice, children and parents were able to enjoy light snacks.

And what’s next?

Kids discovered futsal.

The success and enthusiasm of the kids is pushing organizers to consider creating a francophone soccer team to play in the Edmonton leagues. An idea that pleases many parents who want to see their kids play at a more competitive level.

Whatever happens, more French soccer camps will be held in 2019! Edmonton Fusion FC would like to thank its volunteers who contributed to the success of the event.