Moving Forward. Together.

Major Partners.


A label that unites Francophones

Reconciling sports performance, social rapprochement, language practice and mutual aid around a citizen and community project.


The “Notre Langue, Notre Force” (“Our Language, Our Strength“) project brings together all players with ties to the French language. Built on educational values and aiming to bring people together, this label describes a community project with soccer at its center.

The practice and promotion of the French language.

The Edmonton Fusion is proud to be the first club in the city to offer high-quality French-language soccer initiatives for youth. The registration fees are among the most affordable in Edmonton, ensuring that every child can play the sport regardless of the family’s financial situation. With French being a minority language in Alberta, these soccer initiatives in French make it possible to fight against assimilation as a providing an opportunity outside of school to maintain and develop the language through sports activities. The “Notre langue, Notre Force” label is proudly visible on kids’ jerseys. It encourages young players to be proud to practice their favorite sport in French and recognize the value of speaking Molière’s language while also applying soccer’s values: fun, commitment, tolerance, respect and solidarity. We believe in positive effects of soccer to “work the body and awaken the spirit.”

The Edmonton Fusion also offers the opportunity for adults to play in their own language by integrating a team made up entirely of French-speaking players.

The promotion and the development of a language are achieved through cultural or sports activities. Our club is proud to promote the francophone community through its teams and events.

Social integration of francophone newcomers

Welcoming and integrating newcomers is part of the club’s mandate. “Notre Langue, Notre Force” provides French-speaking newcomers with the opportunity to play their sport in their native language while receiving support from the club’s members to help with the integration into their new city .



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