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Major Partners

The French Quarter is a Business Revitalization Zone nestled in the cultural heart of Edmonton’s French-speaking population. The French Quarter will lead this area revitalization, leveraging its resources to beautify the district, attract, retain and promote areas commerce, and encourage the development and utilisation of its great outdoor spaces.

KJD Construction is a company specializing in residential wood building structures. Whether for houses, garages, roofs, patios, and other decks, KJD Construction is your partner for large and small projects. The company also specializes in interior renovations, especially basements.

Mario Glass Inc. is a prestigious Canada-based business managed by an expert with over 30 years of experience in Commercial glazing, Project management, Training, and Consulting. Mario Glass Inc. specializes in Canada-wide glass fabrication, installation, and maintenance for high-risers. MGI offers premium skills and technical expertise in the execution of complex glass installation projects.

Combined Insurance offers supplemental insurance whether it is for work, leisure, or high-risk sports. Combined insurance is available 24/7, 365 days a year across Canada and in the United States, and offers Hospital, Accident and Illness Essentials;  External Care, Accident, and Illness Essentials;  Essential Accidental Death; Income, Accident and Illness Essentials;  Cancer Plus Disability or Serious Diseases.

Founded in 1928, Le Franco is the only French-language newspaper in the province of Alberta. Available in both print and web versions, the newspaper covers local francophone news while representing the communities of the different regions by offering varied content each week.

Premium Partners

The Réseau en Immigration Francophone de l’Alberta (RIFA) is a coordination framework that allows community and government stakeholders as well as the private sector to work together to build a successful integration path for Francophone newcomers who choose to settle in Alberta.
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Bergeron & Co., (Chartered Professional Accountants) is a professional accounting firm with offices located in Edmonton, Calgary, and a branch office in St. Paul, Alberta. Since its inception in 1981, the firm’s mission is to provide excellent bilingual accounting services & products to small and medium-sized businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals through a competent and efficient team.

Campus Saint-Jean is a crossroads of a unique academic, linguistic, and cultural life. Campus Saint-Jean stands out with its spoken language, French, through its bold interdisciplinary programs and the quality of its achievements in research and creation. The establishment is shared between two components: the Faculty Saint-Jean with its bachelor’s programs and the Centre collegial de l’Alberta.

FRAP‘s mandate is to promote diversity and the social, economic and cultural inclusion of Francophones and Francophiles while offering services in French to welcome, settle and resettle Francophone and Francophile newcomers in Alberta. Its mission is to facilitate inclusion and representation in all sectors of activity within the Alberta Francophone community and Canadian society, and to bring the various communities together.

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Sporting MTL
Eleven Performance
FC Bagatelle

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Sporting MTL
Eleven Performance
FC Bagatelle