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Empowering young athletes to develop their full potential and
perform better.

Success in soccer is about more than just physical performance. Modern soccer is more competitive, with stronger and better prepared individuals.

Coached by a former professional player, the Pro Soccer Training sessions place the human at the core of training by integrating essential components such as individual and collective intelligence, the generosity of the player, and the beauty of the game as central elements. In order for players to reach their full potential and improve their individual and collective performance, our Pro Soccer Training program offers a serious approach to soccer in four areas:

  • Technical : Teaching position-specific technique and movement techniques, while continuing to work on basic skills.
  • Tactical : Mastering the different game animations to go towards a better reading of the game and collective control of the ball.
  • Physical : Strengthen athletic and physical elements such as alertness, explosiveness, speed, and power.
  • Mental : tabilize mental attitudes, such as concentration, self-confidence, perseverance, and willpower.

Our Pro Soccer Training sessions allow those who wish to do so to benefit from complimentary practices to their current team to improve their technique. This program is designed for intermediate, advanced, or elite levels. Our instructor will share his experience, passion for fitness, health, and overall well-being to teach, coach, and train Pro Soccer Training participants to achieve their future goal of becoming great soccer players.

2021/2022 season

U13 – U17 (12-16 years old)

Two sessions per week (total of 54 sessions) 

In-person session on Thursday: Technical & Tactical |  from October 7th – 5pm to 6pm

Virtual session on Tuesday: Strength & Mental Conditioning | from October 12th – 6pm to 7pm.

Only 14 spots



Former professional soccer player who played for the National team of Ghana and a decade of his soccer career in the top league of Norway (EUROPE).

Professional career

  • Odds Ballklubb (Norway)
  • Strømmen IF (Norway)
  • Bryne FK (Norway)
  • 4th at the 2007 FIFA U-17 World Cup (Ghana)
14 spots only

U13 - U16

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