(Our Language Our Force)

Because sport is great for learning about citizenship and social life, Edmonton Fusion is more than just a soccer club through its outreach, discovery and development initiatives. The Fusion’s “Notre langue, Notre force” initiative brings together all actors who have the French language at heart behind educational values, social and community gathering, or mutual aid with soccer as a central element.

“Notre Langue, Notre Force”: Reconciling sporting performance, social rapprochement, linguistic practice around a citizen and community project.

Practice of French

Edmonton Fusion is proud to be the first club in the city to offer high-quality French-language soccer initiatives for young Francophones. French Soccer initiatives help to combat the assimilation and maintenance and development of the language through sports activities related to the school context.

Adaptation, integration and inclusion

“Be together, on the field but also outside”.

The spirit of Fusion is not limited to simple games or training, it continues beyond soccer. Welcoming and integrating newcomers is an integral part of the club’s component. Thanks to the different origins of its members and players, newcomers receive real support upon arrival. Meetings, networking, volunteering, orientation and job search assistance are among the various supports offered by the club.

Shine a light on our community

The various Fusion programs are offered in both languages, see only in French. The promotion and development of a language involves cultural or sporting activities. Le Fusion is proud to be able to promote the Francophone community through its teams and other events.

Educational and sporting values

Soccer conveys values of fun, commitment, tolerance and solidarity. Respect for opponents and rules, politeness towards teammates and referees, discipline, etc. are among the basic aspects transmitted by coaches, players and members of the Fusion.