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Soccer seen from a new angle.

Pleasure 100% guaranteed. Let yourself be tempted by our new variant of soccer. You are in a bubble and the goal is to win by scoring goals, but not only …

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Only available in spring and summer.

Whether you play soccer or not, you’re going to love Bubble Fusion!

Do you want to exercise, have a good time with friends, or settle scores with your office colleagues? Look no further, Bubble Fusion is for you! No need to be a soccer player with Bubble Fusion. The activity is accessible to everyone and does not require any specific skills! Only fun !

Choose your color, get in your bubble and let’s go for 2 hours games! Your goal may not be the ball itself … but rather your opponents for an epic moment of laughs and fun! Take on the opposing team’s goals! Run into your opponents, knock them down to retrieve the ball, and score! The sessions are supervised by a coordinator to ensure maximum safety and adaptability to a very large audience. At your request, our coordinator will be able to make you discover soccer bubbles through different games.

  • 18+

  • Women and Men

  • All level accepted

  • Online payments

Group of minimum 8 players required.

We deliver the equipment ahead of the booking time.

FREE RESCHEDULING in case of a thunderstorm or weather alert.

Safety above all. Our coordinator will explain to you all the safety rules at the beginning of each session.



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