Ups and downs for Fusion

The first half of the season ended on a mixed note. Despite some successful periods, the team can also feel some disappointment.

Edmonton Fusion FC vs. Sloggo

After a first win, Fusion faced Sloggo. Things didn’t start well for Edmonton Fusion with an early goal against, on a penalty kick (0-1). Blue and White goalkeeper Joris Desmares-Decaux made many saves, but the opponents managed to score a second goal before half-time (0-2). Fusion reduced the score difference with a goal by Jonathan Bélanger (1-2). Guy Tcheutchoua scored a second goal (2-2), and then Fusion took the lead when Maher Elassi scored 2 minutes before the end of the match. Soccer can be sometimes cruel; Sluggo equalized 15 seconds before the end of the game. Final score 3-3.

Juventus 2 vs Edmonton Fusion FC

The following week, Edmonton Fusion FC played against the talented Juventus 2 team. The first few minutes were difficult with two unstoppable goals scored by the opponents (0-2). Fusion’s positive state of mind and good positioning resulted in equalizing the score first with a goal by Guy Tcheutchoua (1-2), then Zakariat Belhat (2-2). The Blue and White briefly had the lead with a goal by Matthieu Gascon until the opposing team scored before half-time (3-3). Fusion had several opportunities to score. However, due to a defensive error, Juventus 2 took the lead 4-3 during a powerplay. In the last minutes, the opponents scored a fifth goal. Final score: 3-5.

Edmonton Fusion FC vs North Edmonton United

Against North Edmonton United, Fusion sank. The first minutes were difficult for players. The opponents quickly led on the scoreboard and kept it up despite the two goals from Ahmed Alasamawi. Final score 2-7.

Rio FC vc Edmonton Fusion FC

For the penultimate game in 2017, Edmonton Fusion FC played Rio FC. Blue and White led the first half with goals from Mahdi Mohamud, Guy Tcheutchoua and Sampson Diji (0-3). Unfortunately, too confident, players completely lost their rhythm. Rio FC took advantage and scored two goals (3-2). The opponents equalized two minutes before the end by an accidental Fusion goal against itself. Final score 3-3.

Edmonton Fusion FC vs. Calisia

The last game of 2017 was the most difficult. Confronted with Calisia, the best team during this first half of the season (100% victory, best attack and best defense), Fusion had a heavy task. There were no miracles in this match and the opponents led at halftime (0-6). Despite a positive start to the second period with goals by Maher Elaissi and Mahdi Mohamud (2-6), Calisia took the game in hand and scored 5 more goals. Final score 2-11.

“Player of the game” designated by team members:

  • Jonathan Bélanger (against Sloggo)
  • Zakariat Belhat, Mahdi Mohamud and Guy Tcheutchoua (Juventus II)
  • Mahdi Mohamud (North Edmonton United)
  • Mahdi Mohamud (Rio FC)
  • Maher Elaissi (Calisia)

Edmonton Fusion FC present at La Cité Francophone Christmas Market

Edmonton Fusion FC was present at the Multicultural Christmas Market at La Cité Francophone on Saturday, December 9th, 2017. In addition to participating in diverse activities such as Christmas tales, balloon sculptures, and meetings with Santa Claus, families had the opportunity to meet the club’s contacts, Kais and Maher, who answered their questions about the club.

About Edmonton Fusion FC

Edmonton Fusion FC is a bilingual Soccer & Futsal Club in Edmonton, Alberta.