Stronger than us: Edmonton Fusion FC vs Triarii FC


Edmonton Fusion FC again played against one of the best teams in the first half of the season, Triarii FC. Faced with a very technical and well-organized opponent, not surprisingly, Fusion was defeated.

The first minutes were dominated by Triarii FC; however, Fusion scored the first goal by Zak Belhat thanks to a move by Jonathan Bélanger. Fusion goalkeeper, Julien Godbout, allowed the team to keep the lead with many saves before Triarii equalized and then took the lead (score after the first half 1-3).

In the second half, Fusion had many, but unsuccessful opportunities. Despite an excellent effort, particularly by Fusion defender Maher Elaissi, Triarrii FC dominated, leaving few chances for Fusion FC who ultimately conceded 4 other goals. Fortunately, Dali then scored a second goal for Edmonton Fusion on a penalty kick (2-7).

“Despite the defeat, players can be proud,” said coach Carlos. “We knew the Triarii was good. We have created
several goal opportunities and this is important! “

The next match on Tuesday, July 4th, against Fiji Youth is really crucial.

About Edmonton Fusion FC

Edmonton Fusion FC is a bilingual Soccer & Futsal Club in Edmonton, Alberta.