When the score does not reflect the match played


Again, Edmonton Fusion FC was surprised by the skill of its opponents. Against one of the best teams of the season, Fusion was not rewarded for its efforts despite a similar number of shots on goal.

Coach Carlos’ tactics interfered with MYC Knights’ play. While dominant with a lot of shots on goal during the first half, Fusion ceded the first goal to their “bleu et blanc” opponent on one of their few shots on goal (0-1).

In the second half, Fusion players had good ball handling. Unfortunately, a shot by Anthony Lasheley hit the post, while MYC scored a second goal on a distance shot that surprised Fusion’s goalkeeper, Julien Godbout  (0-2).

Despite a subsequent beautiful save by the goalkeeper, Edmonton Fusion FC let in a third goal (0-3) before Ahmed Alsamawi scored (1-3). MYC Knight scored a fourth goal at the end of the game (1-4).

In addition to many missing key players, Fusion lost Joris Desmares-Decaux and Ibrahim Warsame to injuries during the game.

Anthony Lashley was named star of the game by Edmonton Fusion FC teammates.

Only two games remain before the end of this summer’s season. The next one, against Apox, is on July 25 at 6:30 pm.

About Edmonton Fusion FC

Edmonton Fusion FC is a bilingual Soccer & Futsal Club in Edmonton, Alberta.