Our logo

The Edmonton Fusion FC logo draws its inspiration from the city of Edmonton, the province of Alberta and the francophonie. We are proud to wear a logo that highlights and solidifies the identity of the club, the community and the city.

  • Maple Leaf. A symbolic reflection of Canada and its many values.
  • Stars. Represent Canada’s two official languages.
  • Legislature. One of the symbols of the city of Edmonton, which is the capital of Alberta.
  • Wild Rose and Fleur de Lys. Symbols of Alberta and the francophonie.
  • Colors. Blue and white are the colors of the Franco-Albertan flag. Gold is one of the colors of the city of Edmonton. Gold and blue are the official colors of Alberta.
  • Saskatchewan River. The “White-Blue-White” stripes represent the Saskatchewan River that runs through the city. The river is also visible on the Coat of Arms.
  • Sun. Visible on the Coat of Arms of the city.
  • Winter. As the largest northern city in Canada, winter and cold is represented by the white lozenge snowflake within the sun.