An initial month of learning for the Fusion.

The Edmonton Fusion FC experiences its first indoor soccer season. Multiple players are discovering this alternative version of soccer which, at times, has a steep learning curve.

During the first game, the Fusion played against MYC Knights who they had encountered during the summer 2017 outdoor season.  While the Blue and White players dominated the first fifteen minutes and made the first goal, scored by new player Guy Tcheutchoua, the team ultimately fell short during the remainder of the game and lost 2-6. Jonathan Bélanger scored the second goal.

Bewildered by their first defeat in the start of this competition, the Edmonton Fusion team improved their performance during their second match played against Krieger FC (2-2). Despite their 2-0 lead at halftime with goals by Maher Elassi and Ahmed Alasamawi, the players were outplayed by their opponents in the second half. Unfortunately, in part due to a lack of players, the Fusion succombed to a tragic defeat during their third match against Hungaria FC (0-5).

Strategically banking on a strict defensive line practiced in training, Fusion Coach Carlos was rewarded by the fruits of his labour with a nice victory 4-1 against Unicorn FC . Willian Stein scored the first goal giving the Fusion a lead of 1-0 at halftime. After letting in a goal at the start of the second period (1-1), the Fusion then again took the lead with a magnificent goal by Mike Lowry (2-1), then 3-1 by Ahmed Alasamawi. Maher Elassi clenched Fusion’s victory with another beautiful goal (4-1).

« Player of the game » as voted by the Fusion team members:

  • Jonathan Bélanger (against MYC Knights)
  • Kais Abid and Guy Tcheutchoua (Krieger FC)
  • Joris Desmares-Decaux (Hungaria FC)
  • Joris Desmares-Decaux (Unicorn FC)


First futsal event.

In celebration of the National Francophone Immigration week, the Edmonton Fusion FC held its first drop-in futsal event at the St-Jean campus. The objective of this initiative was to provide people with the opportunity to learn more about this type of soccer. Futsal goals were utilized to offer players a taste of real Futsal. Other similar events are planned in the near future with the support of Fusion partner Sporting Montréal FC, who are the Canadian Futsal champions.

About Edmonton Fusion FC

Edmonton Fusion FC is a bilingual Soccer & Futsal Club in Edmonton, Alberta.