Edmonton Fusion FC represented Canada in Multicultural Soccer Tournament

On August 12 & 13, Edmonton Fusion FC entered into the Multicultural Soccer Tournament – a competition organized by the Centre d’accueil et d’établissement du nord de l’Alberta – to represent Canada. A number of key players were missing, including keeper Joris Desmares-Decaux and right/left back Maher Elaissi. However the team was reinforced with the addition of several players.

The team played the first game against FC Fizi representing R.D Congo. Fusion conceded a goal on a free-kick in the first half (1-0). In the 2nd half, Fusion’s player Tiago Martins equalized the score (1-1). Fusion conceded 2 other goals on penalty kicks (3-1). Edmonton Fusion  reduced the score gap with a nice shot by Dieudonne Songa (3-2). Players pushed forward in an attempt to equalize but were surprised with FC Fizi’s decisive counter attack ending the game (4-2).

The second game was against Senegal. The referee refused a goal when Fusion striker was offside. Senegal scored on a quick counter soon thereafter (1-0). Edmonton Fusion FC kept pushing for a goal and were surprised again (2-0). Fusion scored its first goal by Dieudonne Songa (2-1), before conceding a third one (3-1). Fusion players rebounded with a second goal with a header by Atef Bayouli (3-2). This pattern continued for another round after a 4th goal from Senegal and a third for Fusion by Tiago (4-3).

At the last minute, Senegal scored the 5th and final goal of the game that definitively kept the Canadian team from advancing forward in the tournament. In addition, many Canadian players were injured during the two games that demanded strenuous physical efforts in hot weather, sadly resulting in a forfeit against Oramia due to lack of players.

This last 2017 outdoor competiton for Edmonton Fusion FC was a good opportunity to try different combinations of players and formations.

About Edmonton Fusion FC

Edmonton Fusion FC is a bilingual Soccer & Futsal Club in Edmonton, Alberta.