The Edmonton Fusion FC and the Campus Saint-Jean of the University of Alberta are proud to host the first ever eSoccer FIFA 19 tournament (Playstation 4.) It will be held June 22, 2019, starting at 3 pm at the Campus Saint-Jean. Come participate in a unique experience where you will hold your breath until the final whistle!

Discover the eSoccer with Edmonton Fusion.

The final match played on a giant screen, and $775 in awards!

The players will compete for the 2019 eSoccer title in a “World Cup” format. Between living the real tension and playing virtually, the participants will have to use their concentration, reflexes and tactics to win the tournament. The final will take place on the giant screen of the Campus Saint-Jean auditorium.

Compete against the best and become the winner of the first eSoccer FIFA tournament!

Cost: $ 30. Food and drinks included. 3 matches guaranteed.

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