Edmonton Fusion FC is a bilingual Soccer, Futsal and eSoccer club based in the city of Edmonton. Our association offers opportunities for kids and adults to play recreational or competitive Soccer and Futsal. Edmonton Fusion FC is also proud to represent the Francophonie, its multiculturalism and to promote bilingualism in soccer competitions.

Edmonton Fusion FC Logo

About our brand

Why Fusion?

To ensure the bilingual aspect of the club, we have chosen a name that can be read and understood in French and English. “Fusion” represents the club’s desire to provide services in both of Canada’s official languages and to bring communities together.

Our slogan “Strength in unity” brings all members and partners together in an educational, athletic and social project.

Combine technical soccer skills development and interaction in French

Edmonton Fusion FC allows young people to practice their favorite sport in a french environment. Learning a language involves curricular activities; therefore, Edmonton Fusion offers the opportunity to integrate the development of the French language while having fun during  training, games and other activities.In addition, we provide training for players based on the Canadian Soccer Association’s Long Term Player Development program (LTPD).

Integration of Newcomers

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. We promote social integration of both youth and adults from all cultural backgrounds. Newcomers have a unique way to integrate and develop their network among Edmontonians, francophones and anglophones.

Team spirit, community, skills development, knowledge and passion, tolerance, solidarity, respect, honesty, excellence.